HELLO, I am Margaret Wright

It would be an honor to serve the children of the Kyrene School District as a member of the Governing Board. This site will help you understand my qualifications and ideals for our school district. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

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About Me

Dedicated, Educated & Responsible

My name is Margaret Wright, and I want your vote for the Kyrene School District Governing Board this November. I have lived in the Kyrene School District for nine years and my three children (ages 13, 11 and 8) have greatly benefited from the outstanding educators and programs offered through Kyrene. I have a deep desire to give back to this community. I have spent extensive time volunteering in classrooms and serving with the PTO as a board member, committee chair, and PTO president. I am an educator by profession. I received my BS degree in Zoology and graduated Cum Laude from Brigham Young University followed by a master’s degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Colorado Boulder. I have spent my career teaching Biology and working in genetics research labs. I currently teach Biology as an Adjunct Professor at Paradise Valley Community College. I believe educating our children is the most important way to shape our society.

Why I'm Running

I want to make a difference in the educational lives of our students. I understand the importance education can make in determining one’s livelihood and ability to thrive. My husband Whitney, an entrepreneur orthodontist, and I have seen firsthand how education can play a critical role in the success for one’s career and ability to give back to the community. The company he co-founded, Risas Dental and Braces, has given more than $6 million in free dental care to underserved communities since opening its doors in 2011. Witnessing the cumulative effect of small efforts to help others has inspired me. I know that small changes made at the district level could have a large effect on students to achieve greatness. Ultimately, I am a mother in the community with a vested interest in the success of the Kyrene School District. I am kind, considerate and able to make intelligent decisions with facts and data as my guide. I am passionate about helping all stakeholders come together for the well-being of our children, and their bright futures.

Please vote for Margaret Wright for Kyrene Governing Board Member. I believe in responsible governance, financial accountability, and civil conversation to achieve effective, efficient, and sensible solutions. I strive to understand the different perspectives from all community members and will work closely with the parents, educational administrators, teachers and support staff to ensure I am doing my best to protect children and enhance our schools.

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My Ideals

The children of the Kyrene School District are my reasons for serving on the Governing Board. Here are my ideals that will guide my decision making:


Student Wellness

  • Social and Emotional Health: Full-time student counselors at all 25 schools to ensure that our children feel supported, listened to and cared for
  • Student Safety: Children need to feel safe in order to learn and achieve at the highest levels
  • High Quality Talent: Recruit and retain extremely desirable administrators, teachers and support professionals

Data Driven Decisions

  • Equity: The data shows we have improvements to make. Ensure policies are designed to promote an inclusive culture for Kyrene
  • Achievement Gap: Students of different ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds and learning abilities are achieving at highest levels
  • The Strategic Plan: Fully support the current strategic plan for the District. Evaluate the data as often as possible to track progress

Financial Accountability

  • Budget: Analyze budget data and priorities to determine where money would be most effectively spent
  • Tax Dollars: Understand that each dollar spent comes from our community and needs to be spent wisely
  • Property Values: High achieving schools increase property values for the homes around them and promote economic development for our community

Every Voice Matters

  • Collaboration: Administrators, Educators, Parents, Students and Community Members each have a voice in the matters pertaining to the District. Prioritize a comprehensive understanding of background information and listen to expert opinions
  • Civility: Treating all voices with kindness and respect
  • Patience: Change takes time, consistent effort and collaboration
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Get in touch

Let's work together to create the best school experience for our children. Send me your thoughts, ideas or suggestions. I am here to listen and do my best to support Kyrene.